Our Pastor

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Maria D. Lites, pastor of the Unbroken Chain Church in New York City, has been in ministry since she was seventeen years old, counseling with the Billy Graham Crusade, and later ministering with him.

Ordained in 1982, Pastor Maria, as she is known, received her doctorate in 1994. As shepherd of the Unbroken Chain Church, which is dedicated to spreading the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in New York and around the world, Pastor Maria travels frequently ministering the word, with signs and wonders following. Her most recent ministerial journeys include Sweden, Greece, Ethiopia, Canada, Italy, Peru, England, France, Alaska, Canada, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Mexico, Indonesia, ant the Philippines.

As a pastor, teacher and promoter of the ministry of Jesus Christ, Pastor Maria believes that winning souls for the kingdom God is most important. She therefore inspires in her congregation a deep commitment and love of sharing the Lord.