img_missions1It has been our joy to travel around the world sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have gone not because we were sent for, but because God says “Go” and sends us. God has called us to a particular work. Part of the work is to encourage and build up the Body of Christ.

In times like these we are aware of how much people are in need of strengthening, encouragement, and hope. In many ways God uses us to do that work through ministries of physical, mental and spiritual healing, prayer and the laying on of hands, words of wisdom, knowledge and prophetic utterance and deliverance.

Even as God uses us to minister to other bodies, we always receive just as much in return to take back to our congregation in New York. In fact we were actively engaged in an outreach in Sweden when our own World Trade Center was attacked. The Holy Spirit comforted us and strengthened us to continue the ministry in Sweden and we were so filled by the moving of God that when we returned to New York City God was able to us to bring healing and comfort back to our own assembly.

We believe in using every gift that God has given us to spread the Gospel. We travel with our music and arts team and they minister in song, dance, skits, rap; they even do street evangelism. We know that that the most important tool is the word of God and our pastor, Dr. Lites, brings the full gospel message with boldness and love. And we can all bear witness that often the Holy Spirit confirms the spoken word with signs and wonders. What an awesome God we serve!

God has blessed us to minister in Israel, Egypt, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Peru, Mexico, Italy, Canada, the Mohawk territory of Montreal, Ethiopia, Greece, France, Sweden, Hawaii, the Bahamas, and Alaska. We follow our Lord’s words in the “great commission” and “Go” wherever He chooses to send us.